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Waiting For The Phone To Ring

It has been one week since the nurse from the dermatologists’ office called to tell me the results of my mole biopsy. Melanoma. When I washed the dishes this morning, I kept looking at the telephone. The results of my excisional biopsy are sitting on someones desk – or the slides  are in a microscope now, […]

Thunder Cloud Above My Head

There has always been a thunder-cloud above my head. A  shadow, a threat. The  cloud followed me from Canada to Japan –   through immigration and a fiancée visa to America. The cloud floated about the moving van when we moved from California  to Pennsylvania.  A storm cloud of family genetics waiting to rain on my […]

Ten Steps to Becoming a Writer

1. write 2. write 3. write 4. write 5. write 6. write 7. write 8. write 9. write 10. write

Facing Fear in the Sunscreen Aisle

Pushing my red plastic shopping cart through the cosmetic aisle I was overwhelmed with the selection of face creams.  I could choose to be naturally radiant or have a youthful  appearance with smooth skin. Reading the fine print with my progressive lenses, I tried to find a promise that I would get to help my […]

Walking in a Ziploc bag

Today  is the first day out of the house  since I found out cancer had been living on my leg.  The cancer had been there for months, uninvited, slowly growing and spreading on the back of my left calf, hidden in a brown mole. Today, I feel like a person walking in a life size ziploc […]

The Blue Toothbrush

Last week I was looking for a new toothbrush in the Oral Hygiene aisle at the pharmacy. There were so many kinds to choose from. Angle edge deep clean bristles. Power tip bristles. Opposing angle bristles .  Toothbrushes that scratched your tongue,  or gently massaged your gums in bold bright multi colors. Then off to […]

Seven Stitches In My Left Leg.

I have seven stitches in the back of my left calf. The plastic surgeon cut out a piece of my skin yesterday morning in her office.  About the size of a nickle right down to the fat. She had the pathology report from the dermatologist. Melanoma in Situ .http://www.everydayhealth.com/skin-cancer/melanoma-in-situ.aspx So the best of the worst. […]

Cancer Cells don’t respect authority

Today is Monday. I had a mole cut off of the back of my leg last Wednesday. This morning the nurse called from the Dermatologist’s office. She had  the pathology report from the mole they removed last Wednesday. The report that was suppose to take two weeks.  The report that took only four days. I […]

My Fathers Voice

Timber found some VHS tapes today in the basement that were taken during our wedding in 1990. The tapes are hours long — the rehersal dinner, the wedding, the reception.  We played them on her little TV we bought at the thrift store for $8.00. Timber never met my father. My father died in March of […]

A little bit of Joy.

I have been thinking about writing this post for several days? weeks? and keep waiting to work on it. I didn’t write it because I did not have the new bottle of soap. I couldn’t write about it until I photographed it. Waiting, waiting, until I could do it perfectly. I  took photographs of just […]