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Pamela’s Paintings


Bold, bright and colorful
Acrylic on canvas

For a detailed list of prices and sizes, please email me, Pamela Hodges, the artist, [email protected]

Betty With A Bun

Betty With A Bun

cat paintings and cat pictures 012Acrylic on Canvas – Four paintings sold separately, clockwise from top left:
24 x 24 – Bella the Mouse, Margaret, Bug-Eyes, and Orange Cat

Robert With a Bow Tie

Robert With a Bow Tie



 Clouds Over Pennsylvania – Acrylic on canvas, size: 24 x 48 inches –  $1,200  Sold

Paintings at Proximity Cafe




Business Cat With Red Tie – Acrylic on canvas, size: 36 x 48

  • I would like to have a journal with one of your paintings on it. Have you considered making those? You can have it done from a photo on some sites. I like the kitty with her hair over her face. Then you could sell the same art multiple times.

    • Eva,
      What a great idea. What size would you want to use? One that fits in a small bag? 5×7? Lines or no lines?
      Your first one will be free for giving me the idea.

      • I like the 5×7 with lines. I use them for my writing. I think they would sell.

        • I love this idea Eva. I will work on the design this summer and have them ready for sale at the beginning of September. Or sooner. 🙂 What spacing of lines? college or wide? I will do more research and come up with some designs.
          Thank you!

          • I like college-ruled size. Your cats would be purrfect for notebooks.
            A friend of mine from the UK sent me a photo I liked a lot from a park there. He gave me permission to make it into a notebook. I did not sell it since it wasn’t my photo. I made one for me and sent him one, too.
            I got it from Cafepress. (See link below) You can do print-on-demand. So, you could try out different ones to see which ones sell. You can set up a shop there, or you can print them and have them sent to you to sell them on your own site.

          • GirlULove2Love

            I think you can use zazzle or cafepress and just upload your images then they print it for you when someone orders and gives you a percentage. It is a lot cheaper and easier than fronting a bunch of $$ to purchase them and then what happens if they don’t sell out? you are stuck with a bunch of journals. Plus you can then sell your fun paintings/art on other things as well from cell phone cases to mugs and hats.

          • Oh, thank you. What a great idea. I will look into this. 🙂

  • 22warriorcat22

    So cute!

  • Nancy Bouwens

    LOVE this one Pamela….. makes me smile huge 🙂

  • Ah! You did make that wonderful painting with the clouds and the grass…Mmmm I LOVE IT!