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Everyone thinks art is imitation but art is the courage to be yourself.

That’s me in the middle with a Bob Ross wig and beard. We don’t have to paint like Bob Ross, or have the same hairstyle.


 An art teacher, in my first year of art school said, “You can’t draw, Pamela.” I believed him because I compared my art to my classmates; their art was better.


For years, the teacher’s voice plagued me; until I realized it didn’t matter what the teacher thought about my art. It only matters what we think about our art.


 Everyone is born with a natural ability to draw, to make a mark on a piece of paper. Create with confidence: make art that looks like you and brings you joy.

Believe in Yourself. You are an artist.

“Through her own candid story, Pamela demolishes the biggest stumbling blocks that artists encounter: doubt, fear, and comparison. This book will help you eliminate these and get on with the work you were meant to create.”

— Marc Johns, Illustrator and Author, I made these drawings for you

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  • Pamela Fernuik is smart, funny, and quickly becoming one of my favorite humans. Don't miss her gift.
    Jeff Goins, bestselling author of Real Artists Don’t Starve
  • Pamela moves us effortlessly toward clearly seeing ourselves and our predicaments, all the while offering us some insight into both.
    Marion Roach Smith, Author of The Memoir Project
  • Pamela Fernuik takes everyday moments and objects and makes them magical.
    Joe Bunting – The Write Practice

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